Most people want to invest in tangible things that beautify their homes. For many, the thought of a new gutter system keeps getting put on the back burner. What homeowners need to know is that local realtors credit a maintenance free gutter system as a smart home investment.

  • Here in the Puget Sound Region we average 158 days of measurable rain. Without a good gutter system, the water has no place to go, so it will head straight for our foundation.
  • Realtors say a maintenance free gutter system will improve the value of your home and pay for itself over and over again!

  • Think about it--you won’t have to pay someone to clean out your gutters.

  • You won’t have to worry about someone falling off your roof, not to mention foundation damage!

  • Not all gutter systems are the same. You need to look for the seamless gutter system that is guaranteed not to clog. That means no filters, or surgical mesh that will clog!


Old, wet, overflowing gutters can damage soffits, roofs, walls and siding. This can result in flooded basements; cause mold and mildew and lead to landscape erosion. Local home inspectors say you need to protect your home, and protect your investment.

Inspectors recommend a maintenance free gutter system:

  • Protects your foundation from water damage.
  • Handles nearly a gallon of water per foot.
  • Eliminates dangerous mold.
  • No more dangerous cleaning, no more clogging.
  • No more risk of injury or paying someone to clean your gutters.


Local Realtors credit a maintenance free gutter system with improving the value of your home. And it will pay for itself over and over again due to the damage it prevents.

According to Sellers Mag: “To really impress potential buyers, sellers can even have gutter covers installed.”

You need to look for the seamless gutter system that is guaranteed not to clog. That means, no filters that acts like a leaf shelf, and no surgical mesh.

Bad Gutters will Ruin Your House

Whether your gutters are old, clogged, hanging or disconnected from their downspouts, bad gutters will single handedly ruin your house.

  • Bad gutters pose significant dangers to your house because when they fail to do the job they were designed for, (channeling water away from your home) problems will form.

Problems bad gutters cause:

  • Bad gutters will allow water to collect on your roof and will lead to roof damage, including weakened wood, and roof rot.
  • Flooded/Eroded landscaping.
  • When water has nowhere to go it heads straight for your foundation.
  • When water pools at the foundation of your home it can lead to a wet basement.

Bad gutters are bad for your health:

  • Sitting water can lead to advanced mold growth.
  • Mold can penetrate through ceiling drywall.
  • Pooling water on any area of the roof can seep into the roof structure and damage drywall.
  • Pooling water leads to mosquito breeding grounds
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